Saturday, February 25, 2012

Will I undertand dragon age origins if i never played the other ones?

I am thinking about getting dragon age origins because it looks like it's a good rpg game and i am into those types of games. The problem is that i have never played any of the Dragon Age games, so would i understand the story line? If i am not going to understand the story line, then there is no point in purchasing the game.

One more thing. Is this game kind of like fallout or oblivion in any way?Will I undertand dragon age origins if i never played the other ones?
Origins is the first game of the dragon age series. You don't need any kind of foreknowledge to understand the game.

It's more like Oblivion in that it's a medieval fantasy setting with monsters and magic. But dragon age is not an open world like oblivion. I think you will still like it though.Will I undertand dragon age origins if i never played the other ones?
Hmmm... I think the fact the game is called Dragon Age":Origins" have given you an idea that there is already a predecessor. Well it doesnt. Its the first game in the series and the story is very easy to follow, especially if you have either read or watched the Lord of the Rings as some parts of the game is similar to the Lord of the Rings.

The game is like StarWars the Knights of the Old Republic, you have to pause the game and tactically move your party into a position such as putting your Tank on the frontline to hold a choke whilst your mage runsdown the party buffs and other spells. Whilst this maybe fun, it can be very boring when going through long dungeons however you can always stop and talk to your companians.

p.s There is a website on the internet which fellow players of the Dragon Age Community makes mod the lengthen the game and make it more entertaining.Will I undertand dragon age origins if i never played the other ones?
Dragon Age Origins is the only main Dragon Age game that is out right now. Awakening and the rest of the downloads are expansions or add-ons to Origins. The story is all self contained, so you can play this game and get the story.

The only other Dragon Age game out is Dragon Age Journeys, and that one is a small online browser based game with little story all all, and less to do with Origins.

Dragon Age 2 (coming out next year) takes place at about the same time as Origins, but involves different characters and a different story. However, if you play Origins and then get number 2, the decisions you made in Origins will still have an effect in number 2.
Yeah, I think that you'd get the grasp of the storyline pretty easily if you're a fan of RPG's. I'd say it is pretty similar to both of those games too. Dragon Origins is definitely a game worth buying.

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