Saturday, February 25, 2012

How can I authorize a Dragon Age DLC for two accounts of mine?

The account that downloaded The Stone Prisoner was my sister's, but I made a new account to be logged in while playing Dragon Age. With that, I bought The Darkspawn Chronicles but I can't access my person because The Stone Prisoner is active while playing that warden. It says that it's unauthorized. How can I authorize both DLCs for both accounts?How can I authorize a Dragon Age DLC for two accounts of mine?
You cannot change the ownership of DLC. Period. Once a gamertag buys it, it cannot be given to another gamertag.

That being said, DLC is licensed to both the gamertag that bought/redeemed it AND the console used to originally download it. If that console has changed (say, you sent one in to MS for repair), then you'll have to transfer the DLC licenses to your new console.

When you send a 360 in for repair, MS automatically does the behind the scenes work for you (usually you have to go to鈥?/a> The final step, however, is going to the Download History for both accounts and redownloading the DLC. Since the content is already on the HDD (unless you've deleted it), it shouldn't take more than a few seconds for each item of DLC you've purchased.

This will reauthorize the DLC for every profile on that console again.
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