Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is the best class in dragon age origins?

I was planning on getting dragon Age 2 and Then i decided to get this what is the best class to start with and best race??What is the best class in dragon age origins?
In dragon age origins the classes are somewhat unbalanced compared to mage but this is barely noticeable.

Mages can be very diverse thanks to their abundance of skill choices

An Elven Mage will get you a headstart on the mage build because of the elves +2 willpower.

Rouge is hm......Rouge is more for if you want to do skills that dint have to apply to fighting. A high cunning rouge can talk their way out of 99% of all situations if they have Master Coercion and back themselves up in battle. A rouge with a bow is better than a rouge with dual weapons to me =/.

Warriors are all about the battles.

The best warriors are Shield users They have the right balance of defense and strength.If you want to use dual weapons, then the warrior is a lot easier than the rouge that uses dual weapons.

Personally, I think the best class depends on your style of game play.The strong sword wielding warrior? The quick witted speedy rouge?The spell-slinging mage? This choice depends on your taste...What is the best class in dragon age origins?
I thought mages were the most fun to play in Origins. You can do a lot of damage and be more creative in how you build your character. My second favorite would be rogues. Warriors are fine too and are easier to figure out, but their abilities aren't all that interesting.

Race doesn't really matter in terms of stats. I think elves are interesting though because you are an oppressed minority. The female city elf is my favorite origin.What is the best class in dragon age origins?
I would go with mage first cause their are alot of good powers that you can havebut if your worried aboout open doors and chests go with the rogue as for the class it doesnt matter
rouge duh

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