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How to make a haste archer in Dragon age origins?

I want now how to make a haste archer in dragon age origins( an archer that shoots fast). I want to now what class to take(warrior or rogue).what talents to use, what type of a bow to use and specializations and talents, where to put my points( atk,dex ...) and so on. thanks in advance .How to make a haste archer in Dragon age origins?
ROGUE is the best for range attack so go for it and try this :

Attributes :

Strength :n/a ==Dexterity :MAX ==Willpower :30 ==Magic :n/a ==Cunning :30 ==Constitution :n/a .

The only reason u would need strength is to equip better armor but better armor means more fatigue and u should not be getting hit in the first place.Willpower will give u the stamina required to use all ur abilities but u may find u need more or less, depending on ur style.Cunning, again,is required only if u wish to unlock doors and chests or invest in the Bard tree.Maximum dexterity means that u will be doing crazy damage with ur bow, critical hits through the roof and near 100% hit rate.I assure u, a

ranged rogue is the deadliest single character in the game.

Abilities :The ranged rogue will evidently be focusing on the Archery ability tree. Dual Wield options don't present any benefits to this role and even the specialisation trees offer little in terms of pure benefits. If ur main character is a rogue, u can acquire 2 free abilities in the Warden's Keep.

Rogue Abilities :

Dirty Fighting: No damage but the target is stunned.This is still a great ability even if u are attacking from range.Let's say someone walks up to u, use this and u can get in a few free shots and give time for the tank to pick them up off u.

Combat Movement: Since you won't be backstabbing, not much point here.

Coup de Grace: Again, no backstabs, no benefit.

Feign Death: Drop to ur feet and pretend ur dead.This could be beneficial if u find ur self getting attacked a lot but in the larger picture u have much better options elsewhere.

Below the Belt: A melee range attack, which u being ranged won't be using.

Deadly Strike: Another melee attack, no use here.

Lethality: Odds are ur cunning will be higher than ur strength and additional damage is always good.Increased critical chance is sugar on top.I'm not sure if this stacks though.

Evasion:ur dexterity is going to be in the 50s at least, where enemies will miss u all the time anyhow.Not worth the investment.

Deft Hands:If u plan on investing in cunning to 30, always select this ability when it becomes available. Otherwise, just leave it alone.

Stealth:The first level lets u walk around.The second lets u disable traps, which is very powerful later on.The third lets u stealth in combat, which oddly enough doesn't work super well until u get the fourth rank.This is a very useful ability for a ranged attacker, especially at maximum rank.Use it whenever u can to break enemies chasing u or to increase ur damage output.

Warden's Keep abilities:

Dark Passage: Passive ability that increases movement speed and defense.What's there not to love about this?

The Tainted Blade:u lose health but do more damage.This only seems to affect melee damage, so no real benefit.

Archery abilities:

Melee Archer:No longer breaks ranged attacks if you get hit. Excellent ability.

Aim:u might shoot a bit slower but the overall damage seems to increase if only because of the increase to attack. At about level 10 this loses its luster as u will be hitting almost 100% of the time.

Defensive Fire: Increasing defense and slower rate of fire does not mean more damage.I would not use this.

Master Archer:Increases the function of nearly every other ability and allows u to use heavy armor without a speed penalty.Considering that means u need more strength, it really isn't that useful.

Pinning Shot:It either slows them down or disables them for about 10 seconds.A great tool to have fighting a group of enemies.

Crippling Shot:Reduces the enemy's attack and defense, which is perfect against red and yellow enemies.No need to use against regular enemies.

Critical Shot:Since this also has the benefit or armor penetration, u r going to see a big number here when it hits.Dragons, revenants and bosses will make u chain cast this ability.

Arrow of Slaying:A single massive damage attack that can potentially kill the enemy in a single blow.Yes it's powerful but the cost is disproportionate to the damage when u compare it to Critical Shot.

Rapid Shot:u shoot about 10% faster but can't get a critical hit.The only time this is a problem is when ur critical chance with a bow is above 15%. Otherwise, keep this active at all times.

Shattering Shot:Normal damage but reduces enemy armor for a time.Has a huge impact on high armor bosses, especially when combined with telekenetic weapons (for melee).

Suppressing Fire:Every attack further reduces the enemy's ability to attack.While this is certainly beneficial against some enemies most of the ones where u would think this to be great have other

attacks that hit 100% of the time.This only appears to affect regular attacks to any great amount.

Scattershot: Crazy powerful ability here.u will stun an entire group of enemies about 99% of the time, it is so rarely resisted.A great way to line up a group in order to send a few area of effect spells their way.

Bard specialization:All songs here are affected by cunning scores, so if u don't plan on investing down that attribute, avoid this specialization.Only the last song requires u to be in melee range.

Song of Valor:Increase mana and stamina regeneration, which is beneficial to the entire group. Keep it active.

Distraction: Good way to get an enemy off ur back but there are better abilities to use for the same effect.

Song of Courage:Grants bonus to attack, defense and critical chance for the group.This is useful at the start of the game but near the end mana and stamina are a bigger concern.

Captivating Song:Sure an area effect stun is nice but the range is small and u have to be in melee. Hard to use as a ranged attacker.

Ranger specialization:As a ranged attacker a ranger works incredbily well.u keep the pet active and send them in while u snipe from far away.It's almost like having a fifth party member.

Summon Wolf:The basic wolf casts howl that reduces enemy defense.The upgraded wolf can Shred, which is a 100% critical hit.

Summon Bear: Basic bear can maul which knocks back the enemy.The upgraded bear has rage which increases damage output.

Summon Spider:Basic spider has web which immobilizes an enemy while the upgraded one has a poison spit for continual damage.

Master Ranger:Gives u access to the upgraded anmials.

Suggested Build :

Attributes:increase strength to 20 to wear the best armor.Dexterity is where u put every other point, unless u plan on lockpicking.30 points and 3 ranks of deft hands are enough.

Abilities:I will only list 1 ability per level (2 for the first and one at level 5 when u become a Grey Warden) even though u can acquire more points from books and quests.Rogues automatically get Dirty Fighting for free at level 1.

1)Deft Hands + Rapid Shot,2)Shattering Shot,3)Pinning Shot,4)Crippling Shot,5) Suppressing Fire + Improved Tools,6)Critical Shot,7)Summon Wolf,8)Summon Bear,9)Scattershot,10)Summon Spider, 11)Melee Archer,12)Arrow of Slaying,13)Master Ranger,14)Song of Valor,15)Aim,16)Defensive Fire,

17)Master Archer,18)ur Choice,19)ur Choice,20)ur Choice.

hope that helps %26amp; enjoy the excellent game :)How to make a haste archer in Dragon age origins?
u definitely can hit high with a warrior. u make ur str 38 then max out willpower. u then become a berserker and use the last ability and u whould b able 2 hit extremely high

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How to make a haste archer in Dragon age origins?
I would just build it like any other archer. Be a rogue though. And just have the fast aiming ability activated at all times. I played through as an archer on my first time and was hitting over 500 with Arrow of slaying and have not come close to hitting that with my 2handed warrior or sword and shield warrior. Archers are a very nice class.

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