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What is the best armor for an elf in dragon age origins?

I have been playing dragon age origins for a little while now and im hooked! My first character is a male dalish elf. What is the best armor for this type of charater and what weapons would be best for him? If you can attach any runes to the weapons, which ones do you suggest to apply to the weapons?

If you can also help give the location of everything, that would be awesome as well :)What is the best armor for an elf in dragon age origins?
The best armours in the game are bought at Wade's emporium in Denerim.

Depending on wether you're a rogue or a warrior, different armours are better.

The best armours for warriors are:

1 Evon the great's mail, which has a 10% dodge, and a lot of stat boosts. (only chest piece, and found in Wade's emporium, but only sold after completing one or two of the main quests)

2 Juggernaut, found in the brecillian forest (you have to do a elven ritual and find all the tombstones)

3 Wade's superior armours, after getting six drake scales and a dragon scale, you can make these armors. BE CAREFUL, as you must pay extra for all of them (they are free normally) or you won't get the superior ones. The heavy armor set will give the item set bonus for Evon the great's mail.

4 Effort - a very difficuklt piece search all around the draven places and get dog to look for the helmet in the deep roads.

The best for Rogue is either:

1 the felons coat, in the store as well and only sold after 1 or two of the main quests. this in my opinion is the best.

2 shadow of the empire, is found in orzammar

these items dont give item set bonuses, but there is a lot of other very good rogue gear, and a lot of them can be found in the party camp.

The best weapons

are the keening blade, the best longsword, found in the unbound quest in denerim, the rose's thorn is the best dagger, found in orzammar, far song is the best bow, but you can only get it if the blacksmith in redcliff dies (he is replaced by another guy)What is the best armor for an elf in dragon age origins?
If you have the blood dragon armor DLC it's one of the best sets in the game. Otherwise the Juggernaut armor is my favorite because it makes you very spell resistant. This armor is found at the grave sites in the Brecilian forest, you have to fight a demon at each site to get each piece. But, the last piece is in the ruins you visit during the quest to find Witherfang. You have to complete a ritual and fight some ghosts. There are walkthroughs online you can look up.

As for weapons sword and shield or dual wield are better than two handed. The best sword is starfang if you have the Warden's Keep DLC. Otherwise Topsider's Honor which is in the Deep Roads.What is the best armor for an elf in dragon age origins?
If you have Dragon armor that would be best or if you have King Kallins (idk how 2 spell it) armor you could wear that and any type of race could wear them.

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