Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is Dragon Age Origins worth buying if I started with Dragon Age 2?

I've bought and played through Dragon Age 2 twice. Will I be dissappointed with Dragon Age Origins since I've experienced DA2's graphics and gameplay?Is Dragon Age Origins worth buying if I started with Dragon Age 2?
Yes, I say deffinitly. I honestly really prefered Origins, and they really are completely different games. The only thing I prefered about 2 was the battle system, Origins isn't as fast pased but its similar. No tapping "a" needed too, which isn't as fun personally. But the storyline and characters are much better in my opinion.

Since u played 2 first you'll just be going "oooh" every so often in Origins when u meet a certain character, or a certain part in the story happens. Its a cool feeling. The game is so much fun, i would recommend it to anyone. Even if u played 2 first, doesn't matter. Not much spoilers anyway, some but not many really. All u know is "the hero of ferelden stopped the blight" thats nothing. You have to play it to experience it.

The graphics in DA: Origins are not as good as DA2 but then again there not all that different. They are better in ways where they better depeict some characters such as Zevran and Alistair. In Origins u can also be an elf or a dwarf if u so choose, as well as a human. You also have an origin story and depending on what path u take its always different. You can be a dwarf commoner, a dwarf noble, a dalish elf (also gives de ja vu moments), a city elf, a human noble, or a mage thats in the circle. Each path meets at a certain part, but all starts different and gives u a person that u consider a friend or what not in the beginning.

Hope this helps. I'd deffinitly get it, u wouldn't regret itIs Dragon Age Origins worth buying if I started with Dragon Age 2?
I'm more or less inclined to agree with Simon. I don't think it's a "terrible" game on it's own, but it's not a worthy sequel to Dragon Age: Origins.

DA:O is pretty different compared to DA2. From the standpoint of any RPG fanatic, especially the longtime ones, DA:O remains at the top above DA2.

Dragon Age 2 wasn't bad, but it lacked what made Dragon Age: Origins special. The tactical RPG feel was more or less gone and replaced with shallow flashiness, stinky streamlined inventories and streamlined partners, and restricted character builds compared to the first game. If you liked DA2, then you should check DA:O out to see how this all began.Is Dragon Age Origins worth buying if I started with Dragon Age 2?
I think the only thing that will disappoint you in Origins is the combat. Compared to DA2 it's going to feel a lot more slow and tedious. You also have to micromanage your inventory and equipment. Otherwise it had a great story, is much longer, and the choices you make can result in many different outcomes. It's worth playing.
Dragon age 2 and Origins are like completely different games. The second one took a whole different direction then the first one. And some people really prefer Origins to 2 but it depends on your play style because like I said..they are completely different. I doubt you'll be dissapointed with Origins but..thats for you to find out.

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