Saturday, February 25, 2012

What do you expect to see in Dragon age III?

I'm not a huge game embracing person, but for Christmas, someone bought me Dragon Age Origins and I instantly became glued. I loved the characters/character development, the plot, the gameplay and especially how your choices changed the game. In the end, my character died and became a legend.

Anyway, when I was reading about Dragon Age Awakening and Dragon Age II, people all complained about the same things - less interesting characters; a linear choice path and an average plot.

The writer say that they're taking fan opinions on-board, so what will you hope to see in Dragon Age III?What do you expect to see in Dragon age III?
I want to see Dragon Age Origins, but more freedom and greatly expanded regions. Secret classes were one of my favorite parts of the game so I would absolutely love more of those.What do you expect to see in Dragon age III?
Pure amazingness. I also got origins or Christmas and LOVE it. I have all the dlc and awakening for it also

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