Sunday, March 4, 2012

Where is my Dragon Age 2 preorder promo codes?

I've preordered Dragon Age 2, in EB Gamea but I can't seem to find the promo code for the sword and the shield... Was I suppose to get a code or something?Where is my Dragon Age 2 preorder promo codes?
When i got mine,
there was a thing inside where the booklet is, there should be a piece of paper (if you don't have it in there, and you did get the signature version, you need to call them and tell them cause thats a mess up on their part.) that had codes on it, and one of the codes was shorter then the others. That's the one your suppose to go to their website


and create an account if you don't have one, though you need to use your xbox live's email that you want the codes to go through for (lol i didn't use the same email so i ended up having to go to the xbox website and make an account then download the gamer profile and yeah it sucked.)

:) so then you just enter the short code from that piece of paper and it'll instantly be here on your game , you can see if when you start the game and push extras the sword and shield were there for me. I'm not sure when you get them yet but it does say there should be a chest in your room in the game, i haven't played that far yet though.Where is my Dragon Age 2 preorder promo codes?
Its on the receipt, the salesman at Gamestop should have circled it for you. If the salesman at gamestop didn't do that then try looking in the middle of the receipt for a sixteen letter/number code. When you find it you need to go to and sign in to your EA account that's attached to your XBL Gamertag or your PSN.

Good luck, the shield is bad ***.Where is my Dragon Age 2 preorder promo codes?
to find out the codes stick your finger in a wall socket....

jk idk
the codes should be on the reciept.

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