Saturday, March 10, 2012

Question about dragon age origins soundtrack?

I've been browsing through the dragon age origins soundtrack on itunes, and I was looking for the song that's playing during a... erm... romance scene. I think it's the prettiest music ever playing during that scene, and I wanted to buy it to have it put on my mp3 player, but I couldn't find it! Is it part of a different song and just wasn't included in the 30 second sample on itunes, or was it just completely omitted from the soundtrack?Question about dragon age origins soundtrack?
in the game manual it says it's called "Love Song" Music by Inon Zur. Lyrics and vocals by Audrey Ashburn

It doesn't look as if it's on the itunes soundtrack though :(Question about dragon age origins soundtrack?
I think its called Leliena's song but I'm not sure

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