Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My dragon age awakening import is not complete?

I went to import my dragon age awakening grey warden, a survivor of the first game and a warden commander after. And since awakening doesnt have a save at the end when you beat it i have to import from my save before the brood mother. So when i try to import into DA2 says the game is incomplete and that dragon age will fill in the gaps. Does that mean it wont count my dragon age origins or awakening stuff?My dragon age awakening import is not complete?
I didn't have that issue with mine, but there is a really great tool that allows you to 'create' a saved game from DAO/A and import it.

Go to If you have an account, just log in and head to the forums. Under the projects tab in your profile, search for "Gibbed"

The Gibbed saved game editor/creator allows you to set all the imported variables from DAO and Awakenings, such as who is king, if you recruited certain companions and what happened to Mother, the Architect, Ameranthine and Vigil's Keep

EDIT: I did want to add, that though I started with an imported character that had gone through DAO and DAO:A completely, after using a saved game generated through the Gibbed editor, and (I swear!) setting the exact same choices that were in my DAO/A playthrough, I got a couple of different dialog responses from characters in my second play through acknowledging the Hero of Ferelden, Alistair or both.

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