Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Which Platform should I purchase Dragon Age Origins for?

I think I'm going to get Dragon Age Origins and I was wondering whether I should get it for PC, X-Box 360, or PS3.

Is the game play or graphics or anything really different on any of them?Which Platform should I purchase Dragon Age Origins for?
I say PS3. That's what I have an it amazing!! The graphics are awesome and since its on the PS3 it saves automatically at critical points. I don't think the X-Box does that. Plus the PS3 has the internet hooked directly to everything you do so you can make an account for the game online on whatever website it tells you and your progress is shown online. And its constantly updated. Plus, I heard on the X-Box the graphics are really off and look super bad. I love the game. You should buy it for PS3, I don't know how well it is on the pc, but since its such an intricate game it may run really slow on your computer. Its a huge game! and it sucks on xbox soo...Which Platform should I purchase Dragon Age Origins for?
The best answer is wrong, it will be best on PC. Graphics and everything wise.

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Which Platform should I purchase Dragon Age Origins for?
I bought my copy for PC, and would recommend that.

I have heard that their are quite a number of minor issues on the console versions, as well as some graphical limitations. Here is a quote from a review I read:

On PC the game is reservedly handsome, enlivened by atmospheric lighting and a fine finish on the game's virtual actors. On the Xbox, though, Dragon Age looks just plain ugly and out-of-date. It's plastered in muddy textures, washed-out colour and bad shadowing, giving it a grimy look that doesn't suit the classical art style at all, and exposing the rough-hewn, low-detail environments in a harsh light.

You can read the rest of the review here:
I'd say PC. They released the dev kit already and people will be making mods for a long time to come. Can't get any of that on consoles.

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