Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dragon age question for origins and awakening?

Hey there guys, i got dragon age ultimate edition which comes with all the dlc and awakening, i had a question i started origins and i am level 12 dwarf warrior, but i feel like starting awakening because i have already orgins before on a different console, can i starting awakening by transfering my level 12 dwarf warrior or do i have to beat origins first then transfer my character?Dragon age question for origins and awakening?
I'm pretty sure you can transfer him now. It will increase your level automatically. But, since not all the plot flags have been set the game will probably use the defaults. So if you care about how the game recognizes your story you should finish origins.

You will still have your origins save after importing. So if you want to experiment go ahead and import him now. You can always finish origins later if you want.Dragon age question for origins and awakening?
You don't have to play through the whole thing, as your character will automatically level up to lvl 18

im not sure about what will happen to the plot line though.

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