Saturday, March 10, 2012

Who is the woman in the cover of dragon age?

This woman


Also who is this;鈥?/a>

Will i be able to recruit them in the game, if so what is the name of the quest? where can i find it? is there any one else i can recruit?Who is the woman in the cover of dragon age? far as the woman on the cover, i am very certain that that is the concept image of Morrigan...if you look at the concept images of every character, especially Zevran, they look terribly, the woman on the second link, i can only think that that may be a picture of what Flemeth used to look like...if you talk to her in the game she says that she used to be a beautiful magic user who changes to the "Witch of the Wilds" through loves trials...but to me that person looks like no one else i can think of because of the white hair and beauty...because Wynne is no really attractive if my thoughts are true then the person on the front, Morrigan, ls definitely recruitable....the rest of the people you can recruit are as follows: Alistair (unavoidable), Shale (through DLC), Leliana (In Lothering, she is in the tavern, she asks to follow you after you defeat Loghains thugs either through combat or speech), Sten (In Lothering, you must speak to him and then talk to the revered mother about his release), Oghren (In Orzammar, whenever you go look for Branka, his wife, he will ask to join you), Dog, (If your a human noble, then you get the dog automatically, but following any other origin will make his companionship a choice, depending on whether you muzzle him and save him by finding the flower for him in the wilds or if you kill him), Zevran (Ambushes you eventually in the game and you can either kill him or wake him and tie him and he will ask to follow you because you have bested him), Loghain (after the Landsmeet, Loghain can go through the ritual if you follow Riordans advice...keep this in mind though that if you do put Loghain through the ritual, then Alistair will either be put to death or you can ask a boon that he live...something to think about), and finally Wynne (you get her before you go into the tower of the mages to save it...keep also in mind that if you side with the templars, Wynne will attack you in a very feeble attempt to do whats right...its pretty pathetic but regardless...)

Good Luck...if i find anything else out about the second picture, ill message you or something....
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