Sunday, March 4, 2012

Will there be a Dragon Age 2 Collectors Edition?

It was just announced that if you pre order Dragon Age 2, you get upgraded to the Signature Edition, but im wondering that if I wait, if they will release an actual "Collectors Edition" for a higher price.

So will there be a collectors edition?Will there be a Dragon Age 2 Collectors Edition?
Pretty Sure Their Will Be Also If You Pre-Order Now Up Until JAN 11 2011 You Get The Signature Edition At No Extra Cost You Get $20 Bonus Content the special edition will contain a number of extras compared to the regular version of Dragon Age 2. There will be a number of exclusive in-game armory items for your character to access along with a code to download an extra playable character and new missions. Owners of the Signature Edition will also get a downloadable version of the game's soundtrack and unnamed additional in-game items
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