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What are all the games that are very similar to Dragon Age: Origins?

Need a list of quite a number of games that are very similar to the game "Dragon Age: Origins"What are all the games that are very similar to Dragon Age: Origins?
Both Star wars: knights of the old republic games. Kotor 1 was made by Bioware, like Dragon age. Kotor 2 was made by Obsidian Entertainment(Suggested to Lucasarts by Bioware, because Bioware was busy making Jade Empire(Which is another game that plays similar to Dragon age, though I've found it to be rather short)). Although made by a different company, KOTOR 2 plays exactly like KOTOR 1(but due to a rush for release for the 2004 holiday season, A lot of content was cut from KOTOR 2, and it was very buggy when released(if you get it for xbox, make sure you get the most updated realease, if for PC, you can find an updated patch online)).
AJ has the best answer, but let me add to that that BioWare has a Sci-Fi series that play very like Dragon Age called Mass Effect.

Mass Effect follows Commander Shepard in covering the invasion of council space by a race of aliens. There is a central plot to follow and several side quests. You will join the Specters (think grey wardens with an unlimited special effects and weapons technology budget!), assemble a team and be given command of an elite experimental starship to pursue the main villain in the central plot and attempt to prevent the destruction of more colonies. There is an opportunity to change the outcome of your friends' fates through influence, romance or plot choices.

Mass Effect 2 picks up a few months after the conclusion of Mass Effect. Many of your companions from the first game either return or are seen briefly. If you import the previous saved game, your choices from the first game will affect the environment in the second game. Commander Shepard attains a legendary/Chuck Norris reputation (Shepard will get killed early on, and it only pisses him/her off), goes rogue with some shady funding and a new ship, reassembles a team and heads back out to try and find the source of the aliens again. Choices again to influence your friends, or romance them, or stay true to your romance from the first game. Plot choices heavily affect how your team survives the final battle, or if you do yourself, and will influence the final chapter in the series (Mass Effect 3).

Mass Effect 3 due out some time after Dragon Age 2.What are all the games that are very similar to Dragon Age: Origins?
I loved these types of games,

older games (but very worth playing!):

Neverwinter Nights 2 +expantions is quite simular

neverwinter nights 1 +expantions

baldurs gate 1 2 +expantions

icewind dales 1 and 2 +expantions

Dragon Age 2 is coming out! hopefully soon.
Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionWhat are all the games that are very similar to Dragon Age: Origins?
Dungeons and dragons online

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